Sedna (creativesedna) wrote in 3_2_2,

FoxTrot / Other cartoons

Combination update, again.


First attempt at animating FT.
...First serious attempt. Instead of the nearly-homemade computer-cd-tray-out one, and the "stop jumping on the bed!" one which still looks colored in.


As far as I can remember, those three all fit under 40K. I've got a few other versions, but they're all either a bit or waaay over the limit.


I made this over spring break. It must have been my computer or something at the time; it really didn't look this fast when I made it. Now, I'm not sure if I have the original caps anymore to slow it down. :\ Ah well, he looks ravenous as usual, right?? :P
Tags: animations, cosmo, fairly oddparents, foxtrot, futurama, zoidberg

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