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3rd-Nov-2006 08:59 am - Piper
I thought of splitting up the Piper avatars, but screw it. Let's do it in one shot. ;)


A whole hell of a lot more here...Collapse )

Images cropped from various screencaps on the web. I'm not even sure what belongs to who anymore, though I did take a lot from TheDemonsJumble and HeavenlyCharmed, just to name the main ones.
2nd-Nov-2006 12:38 am - Savage Garden - Affirmation lyrics

This version is the only one small enough to fit onto Livejournal, although I have another one that's around 44 or 45 K. Not too much bigger but still.

I know I modified a lyric. It's to make it more personal for myself. I've been meaning to make another version, but haven't quite gotten around to it. I might actually do so if I get a kick in the ass though. ;)

The blank framesCollapse )

Pictures from GettyImages. (The fries I had to do a Google search for, though.)
Lyrics obviously from Savage Garden's "Affirmation." ;)
1st-Nov-2006 09:02 am - Fearless
Just a few for now.

And the blank framesCollapse )

Images from GettyImages, quotes from Fearless, obviously. They range from 18 to 24, I believe.
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