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322 Icons
Heads up! Truckload of Futurama icons heading this way! 
24th-Feb-2007 04:01 am
Okay, so it's just 20 this time, but still. :P

I played with layering and blurring/contrast effects. But I also saved each base in case it looked too weird. Same as when I put text on - I wasn't sure if the text didn't fit the particular base, so I put the different versions up.


Early episodes:

Devil's Hands avec Fry

Devil's Hands avec Leela

Okay. I don't own the caps, which I believe the majority of I saved from Cleverocity's site. (Big thank you, even though I didn't ask! :\ ) Obviously I also don't own the show. Or the lyrics, which I'm now about to name in order:

The ones with Fry: Nine Days, "If I Am" / Placebo, "Sleeping with Ghosts" / Nine Days, "Sometimes" / Hanson, "Love Song"

The ones with Leela: (after the fun swearing :P ) Natalie Imbruglia, "Wrong Impression"
3rd-Mar-2007 07:11 pm (UTC)
Great icons, they're so simple but beautiful! I've taken a couple of them, and will credit you if/when I use them! :0)
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