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322 Icons
20th-Feb-2007 10:55 pm

The first one is under 40K, but the second one is 43K and the third is 41K. I'll have to fix them when I get the chance. :( I guess you could still use them on other forums... And I don't like the ones with the pizza and the number 13 because they're too hard to read, I think. Probably going to re-do those.

Yep, 43K again. I need to just do text-only animations, it seems, but I love illustrating them! Sigh.

I know this works. I believe I have it in my current line-up.

The token memorial icon, but I think he'd like the ones with his jokes better, wouldn't you agree? <3

My first text-only joke avatar.

The illustrations usually came from Getty Images. All of them, actually, unless I'm misremembering. The jokes, of course, are from Mitch.
21st-Feb-2007 04:47 am (UTC)
hey, it's milksong from peel. i am so taking "do not disturb."
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