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29th-Mar-2007 03:33 am - Rocko's Modern Life quotes
Wish I could find some caps, but alas, these will have to do.

25th-Mar-2007 02:01 am - You guessed it! More Charmed :P
And it would seem I still haven't reminded myself to grab more screencaps; I'm running low. ):



15 total hereCollapse )
19th-Mar-2007 01:07 pm - More Dane Cook!
Boy, I'm having fun with these. :P


No problem... buddyCollapse )

I'm open to suggestions (and not just Dane Cook quotes - any comedians, too). I'm actually having to listen to the CDs because I'm running out of quotes off the top of my head. I'll probably make a bunch of Mitch Hedberg icons in the near future as well, since I have Mitch All Together too.
18th-Mar-2007 06:11 pm - Dane Cook quotes
So, I was playing with gradient fading the other day, and these resulted.


I can't shit with the door closed!Collapse )

I'll probably do more of these. Really enjoyed 'em.

Obviously I don't own the quotes, etc.
18th-Mar-2007 06:05 pm - A few Fearless icons
Nothing special, just the quotes-over-images type that I like to do. :)

Quotes from book 24; pictures - which are from the same image - found via a Google search.

Quotes from book nineteen; pictures from GettyImages.

Blah, blah, I don't own Fearless or the pictures.
Okay, so it's just 20 this time, but still. :P

I played with layering and blurring/contrast effects. But I also saved each base in case it looked too weird. Same as when I put text on - I wasn't sure if the text didn't fit the particular base, so I put the different versions up.


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23rd-Feb-2007 01:11 am - Mia Tyler
Brand new icons! Mia Tyler, half-sister of Liv Tyler. Gorgeous woman.


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17th-Feb-2007 02:29 pm - Futurama / Charmed
Since I'm uploading icons from 2 of my favorite fandoms, I have to use an avatar from the 3rd (Fearless). There. Ahh that's beautiful.

Okay. I experimented with more text avatars and even messed with colors/layers/blurring! Gasp!


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15th-Feb-2007 12:26 pm - Savage Garden lyrics
Made these last night and this morning.


But the mind is an amazing thing...Collapse )
10th-Feb-2007 03:56 pm - More Charmed
I literally made these about two minutes ago. I'm on a roll!


Something wicca this way isCollapse )
10th-Feb-2007 04:12 am - Piper - varieties of anger
I wanted an angry-Piper avatar and realized I really didn't have very many avatars with her being either mad or generally annoyed, so I made a few.


I get a little pissy, so watch it.Collapse )

Caps from Screencap Paradise, before I forget.

(By the way, my avatar's pretty much accurate right now. :P)
3rd-Feb-2007 11:59 pm - Fairly Oddparents!
I finally animated a couple more. Unfortunately, this will be it for a while. My first version of Media Player (10? 9?) had built-in screencaps. Just right-click when it was paused and one of the options was Capture. Now, not only is that gone with this new version -- I can't even do a normal Print Screen. Sniffle.


(The quote may be a little messed up there - I don't have the DVD with me and I couldn't find the quote online.)

Blah blah, I don't own FOP, comment and credit if you like. :) Enjoy!
1st-Feb-2007 12:47 am - Lacuna Coil
Okay, so I don't really have that many Lacuna Coil avatars -- at least in terms of variety -- but here they are anyway. They're organized in rows by the caps that I used.


Blah blah, clever linky text here and so onCollapse )
13th-Jan-2007 01:26 pm - Cartoons / Comic
I really don't want to do this, but I'll have to. I only have one Fairly Oddparents icon, and only a couple FoxTrot icons, etc, so I'll combine a few of different types into one post. But hey, they're both cartoons, right? Just different types.

(Yeah, I know that one's very low quality; I've been meaning to fix it for ages.)

That part always makes me giggle. :P I had to make it into an avatar. And oh, by the way, more FOP icons are definitely coming!

I like this one. I think it came out fairly well. I've got a few other ATHF icons, but they always come out either too fast or way too big to use. :\
13th-Jan-2007 01:18 pm - More Fearless!
Hey, y'all, Cally here. I made a new account because I was really getting sick of my old one. So, even though the names are different, it's still the same poster. :)

I did these during break. However, I don't have the greatest image-working software, so they don't look as good resized as the others.

A couple cover-model photos, and from books five, eighteen, and twenty-two. I don't own.
7th-Jan-2007 07:33 pm(no subject)
Okay, so I haven't abandoned this community. I'll still be keeping it up.

However, I will be deleting my first journal and transferring moderator abilities to my other account. So nobody gets cofused. :)

[Icons will be back, I swear!]
12th-Nov-2006 07:17 pm - More Prue!

I don't obsess, I think. Intensely.Collapse )

I wish I could do the really creative stuff people do with image icons. Simple is best sometimes but still.
There's a reason I crank out so many avatars that are just images -- the Photoshop software on these PCs in the lab here crash repeatedly. It never, ever stays open for more then ten minutes at a stretch. It's all I can do to open a screencap, crop, resize, get it where I want it, save, and do the same to about four others before I have to open the program again. Especially hard when I'm trying to make animation frames. Man, it sucks.
10th-Nov-2006 06:26 pm - Fearless

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10th-Nov-2006 06:04 pm - Piper Icons
Just a few this time. :)

9th-Nov-2006 08:05 pm - Phoebe, Paige, Chris

Some more hereCollapse )

Pictures from TheDemonsJumble, Heavenly-Charmed, and other sources. I don't own them nor Charmed. :)
3rd-Nov-2006 04:57 pm - Prue
Charmed ones, but Prue this time.
I didn't realize I had so few avatars with Prue. :( I'm looking for new pictures of her at the moment, but for now, here's what I have.

3rd-Nov-2006 05:01 pm - Bush Lyrics
Bush lyrics. Mostly animated. I don't have the stills for most of these on my Photobucket account, just the one. I could get them, though.

"40 Miles From The Sun"

"Dead Meat"

"Letting The Cables Sleep"

Some stills from LTCSCollapse )

Bush owns the lyrics, GettyImages the pic-a-tures. Me? Nothin'.
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